A Real Record. Real Accomplishments.

  • Secured $1.9 million for Lake Harbour
  • Reconstruction and Overlay of Rice Road from St. Augustine to Pear Orchard Road
  • Secured $3.5 million for Highland Colony Parkway South of the Round-a-bout. Estimated completion date: December 2016
  • Complete Reconstruction and Overlay of Robinson Springs Road by year 2016
  • Secured $1 million for Lake Harbour Extension
  • Pear Orchard Road Re-construction and Overlay
  • Coker Road Reconstruction and Overlay
  • Livingston Road Overlay
  • Portion of Lake Cavilear Overlay
  • Wheatley Street Reconstruction Overlay
  • Old Agency Road Overlay
  • Arthur Lane Overlay
  • McHarris Road Overlay
  • Hunt Circle Overlay and Reconstruction
  • Overlay of Brookside Place
  • Quail Road Overlay (50/50 with the city and county)
  • Portion of Cobblestone Drive Repair (50/50) with the city of Madison
  • Steed Road Bridge Repair
  • Supported $1.5 million for Hoy Road
  • Help put a real budget in place in 2012
  • Secured Total over $10 million in Road and Bridge Projects in District 3
  • Tornado siren for Twin Lakes and Hickory Road
  • Approved 3-way stop with solar caution lights at Ancient Oaks Drive and Lake Cavalier Road by Twin Lakes Baptist Church
  • Constructed Ancient Oaks Drive with caution lights
  • Supported many street overlay projects in the city of Madison
  • Sam’s TIF supported (Madison)

Law Enforcement Has Always Been and

Will Always Be a Top Priority

“I have worked with Gerald Steen for many years as he has helped strengthen law enforcement in Madison County. He is a true champion for hose who work to protect our businesses and homes and has a strong record of supporting law enforcement.”

-Chief of Police Jimmy Houston (Retired)

“Supervisor Gerald Steen has worked to make sure that the District Attorney’s Office has the tools and resources necessary to fight crime and to protect the rights of victims in Madison County. Because of his support and the support of the Board of Supervisors, Madison County continues to be a safe place to call home and to build a business. I appreciate Gerald’s and the Board’s commitment to law enforcement and to protecting the citizens of Madison County.”

-DA Michael Guest

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