Jean McCarty’s endorsement

To Whom It May Concern:

I am taking this opportunity to endorse Gerald Steen for Supervisor of District 3 of Madison County. I was in City Government for over 23 years and over the course of those years worked with 9 different City Boards. Of those 45 board members that sat around that board table over those years, I can count on one hand the true public servants , the ones who ran for the position for the public good.
Now that I am here in Madison County I have had the opportunity to work with Gerald Steen over the last ten years and I can truly say he is one of the most outstanding public servants I have ever witnessed. In his role as a city official, he goes way beyond the ordinary official to understand the issues, to receive public input and to make decisions that are fair to all parties while protecting the citizenry and the community from negative impact.
I cannot emphasize enough my trust in Gerald Steen as Madison County Supervisor. He will be outstanding in that position, and the citizens and county will reap the benefits.

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